Stockholm Procaffination
Stockholm Procaffination is a non-existing thing that I decided to design a logo for. I love drinking coffee and work in cafes in every city I travel to. When I came back to Stockholm after 2 years abroad I found it hard to find cafes in my taste. Therefore I decided to make my own website with cafes (still under construction), where I add new cafes as I go. The logo illustrates a pin and a coffee tamper.

Elina Soreby
Elina Soreby is a friend of mine that needed a logo for her personal brand. She's in the marketing and communication business. I decided to design the logo with that in mind. The boxes illustrates every part of her work. The speech bubble symbolizes communication, that is a corner stone in her work.
Mentor is a mobile application that me and my team at IBM Extreme Blue developed for VDAB in Belgium. This is the logo I designed for Mentor. It illustrates a mentor, with the M that is also designed to look like a suit.
Project Destination
Project Destination is an annual project at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I was the Art Director for the project during 2013/2014. The project is all about international opportunities for the students at KTH, and we organized networking events with inspiring companies during the year. At the end of the project we went to Silicon Valley, SF and LA to meet up with KTH Alumni, interesting companies and people. The logo illustrates the opportunities to connect and network through Project Destination in order to get you one step closer to an international career. 
Podcast Destination
Podcast + Project Destination = Podcast Destination. The logo was made for Project Destination's Podcast. I swapped the airplane for a microphone. Project Destination is a strong brand on the KTH campus, and therefore I decided to stick to design style of the core logo for Project Destination.
This logo I created for a concept that was created during a 3 hour UX Hackathon in Amsterdam. 
The service was a platform where the users could easily share screen casts with their followers. The dot symbolizes the recording of a video.
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