I'm a creative UX Designer and Engineer from Stockholm, Sweden. I specialize in product development, UI design, UX design, interactive design & graphic design. Facilitating workshops and running design sprints is a part of my job that I really enjoy.

Since most of my more recent projects are under an NDA, I will roughly explain the framework that outlines my process of designing digital experiences. Iterations are always necessary, so that makes me go back and forth between these steps along the way. 
1. RESEARCH and gain knowledge about users, context, technologies, etc. 
2. EXPLORE possible solutions and designs.
4. CREATE and develop concept into full design solution with:
- Personas
- Empathy maps
- Use cases and Scenario mapping
- User flows and storyboarding
- Sketches and paper prototypes
- Wireframes and Interactive prototypes
- User testing of prototypes and designs
Throughout the whole design process, I'm communicating the conceptual UX strategy and reasoning behind each design decision based on user insights.
5. REFINE and evaluate designs based on feedback from stakeholders and from user insights.
6. DELIVER the designs to developers, and keep a close conversation with them to make sure we make the right decisions for the design until the product is ready for release.    

Some of my preferred software I use in my daily job as a UX Designer:
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